The King of Queens DVDs, Books and Videos

The King of Queens DVDs, Books and Videos

The comedy that rules!

The King of Queens is the long-running series on CBS. It will end its 9 years of success with its final season during the 2006-2007 season. The sitcom focuses on the adventures of working class couple Doug and Carrie Heffernan. They share their Queens, New York house with Carrie's eccentric father, Arthur. They sitcom chronicles the follys and misadventures of the couple as they scratch out a living

The King of Queens has a stellar cast. Kevin James plays the ISP parcel delivery man who is constantly invovled in some complex and comical scheme to get what he wants. Carrie is an attractive secretary at a large law firm. She is constantly struggling to stop Doug's crazy schemes. Arthur is their somewhat eccentric father who causes nothing but trouble for the couple. He is also known to strike out on his own with his occasion schemes or obsessions. Holly is the dog walker who keeps Arthur company. She has several unique habits and beliefs that often cause her to seem odd herself. Deacon and Kelly Palmer are best friends to the Heffernans. They often spend time with Doug and Carrie and they often share advice. Spence is one of Doug's friends, but he is often viewed as a nerd due to his interest in science fiction and comic books. Danny is Doug's friend and cousin who can usually be seen hanging out with Doug and his friends.

The King of Queens is currently the longest running sitcom still on television. It continues to please its fans as the show enters its ninth season. The show provides viewers with humorous scenarios and schemes that are always good for a laugh. The chemistry between Arthur and Doug is what really makes the show though.

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I liked the Thanksgiving episodes.